Harness the power of nature to gently care for your hair and scalp.

Known for our gentle, baby-safe formula with more than 90% natural ingredients, Diane Botanical is free from silicones, sulphates, parabens and artificial colourants. With Moroccan Argan Oil and Toscana Olive Oil as the key cleansing ingredients, all Diane Botanical products create a rich lather that naturally cleanses hair & sensitive scalp without irritation. Safe for babies and sensitive skin.

15 Important Promises We Make
  1. 90% Naturally Derived Ingredients

  2. Uses Highest Level of Plant-derived Organic Ingredients When Possible

  3. Uses Moroccan Argan Oil as a Cleaning Ingredient

  4. No Silicones

  5. No Sulphates

  6. No Parabens

  7. No Artificial Colourants

  8. No Mineral Oils

  1. No Petroleum Surfactants

  2. No Ethanol

  3. No Animal-derived Ingredients

  4. No Animal Testing at Ingredient Level

  5. No Animal Testing During Manufacturing Process

  6. Human Patch Test Carried Out for All Products

  7. Clinically Tested Low Irritation for Sensitive Skin (Passed Stinging Test)

What’s In Your Nature?
Botanical Moist
Botanical Moist Botanical Moist | Shampoo & Treatment
Hydrates hair 5x more
With Honey, Rosemary & Rice Peptides
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Damage Repairing
Damage Repairing Damage Repairing | Shampoo & Treatment
Nourishes & Strengthens Damaged Hair
With Hibiscus, Passion Fruit & Macadamia Oil
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Organic Laevender
Organic Lavender Organic Lavender | Shampoo & Treatment
Repairs Dry Hair & Soothes Scalp
With Lavender, Rosehip & Echinacea Extracts
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9 Herbs
9 Herbs 9 Herbs | Shampoo & Treatment
Moisturises Hair & Balances Scalp
With Chamomile, Angelica & Elderflower Extracts
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Refresh & Moist
Refresh & Moist Refresh & Moist | Shampoo & Treatment
Lightly Invigorates & Hydrates Dry Hair & Scalp
With Apple Mint, Lemongrass & Bilberry Extracts
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Refresh & Smooth
Refresh & Smooth Refresh & Smooth | Shampoo & Treatment
Smoothens & Repairs Sun-damaged Hair & Scalp
With Pineapple, Mandarin Orange & Rosemary Extracts
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